If your Cancer has been detected accidentally then it belongs to the silent variety, for the treatment of such cancers please remember the following:


If you are dis-eased by the tumor: 

Life-Style Measures


  1. As far as possible continue to work. Work maintains your dignity and brings money, makes you forget your illness.
  2. Enjoy your food, your outings and relax by playing some sports and watching a movie
  3. Maintain reading habit
  4. If you have any form of pain avoid sour item in food, as the acidity in sour item increases the irritability of the nerve.
  5. All vegetable juices (thoroughly uncooked) are highly alkaline and make your body healthy from head to foot. In our experience Bottle Gourd (called loki in India) is one of the best choice, as it is cheap, available everywhere and round the year. A glass of juice extracted from Bottle Gourd garnished with Mint Leaves (Pudina), Cilantro (Dhania), green chilly, salt and black pepper, if taken three times a day gives great vitality, reduces pain, improves appetite and provides good bowel movement. It offers a lot of live DNA for patients who have taken or taking Radio / Chemo.
  6. In terms of getting relief from pain and other symptoms do not hold back any medicine, repeat them as often as needed.
  7. It is customary for medical man and others to accuse a person for her / his cancer is a result of some bad habit like smoking or drinking, there is no proof at all to that effect.  Therefore when a cancer is fait-a-comply there is no gain in denying a person a habit she / he has lived for a life time and which in any case is innocent.

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