It is wise to treat the botheration caused by cancer and not the cancer per-se

 Are we advocating the non-treatment of Cancer? No not really. Inspite of accepting the impotency of all therapies against autochthonous cancer, one and all measures are useful when employed to ease a dis-eased cancer patient.  The word dis-ease is the key here. Or in other words : Do not trouble your trouble unless it troubles you; trouble your trouble only to the extent that it troubles you. Hence your treatment  of cancer should be aimed at reducing your dis-ease.

So we sum-up the entire philosophy of Cancer  in the following manner:

  1. Cancer cannot be caused, cannot be prevented. About its affecting you, adopt therefore que sera sera(what will be, will be) attitude.

  2. Remember that cancer has  been with mankind since ages and its occurrence is neither a freak nor a punishment from Nature. Every   cancer is part of your own self. If you must not love it, you must not hate it either.

  3. Each cancer, before it bothers you, or your doctor, has been with you for a long time. Early diagnosis / treatment for cancer is a myth to be buried.

  4. For the reasons cited above, it is not at all necessary for you to get yourself  screened for cancer. Bother yourself about cancer when and only when, it really bothers you.

  5. Cancer does not always kill, nor does it always connote a short post-diagnosis or post-treatment life. Decide to live with your cancer until it chooses to die with you.

  6. Appreciate that cancer need not necessarily disrupt either your profession  or your joie de vivre.

  7. Since there is nothing like cure for cancer, insist on being treated  symptom-far and no further. Any form of therapeutic radicalism is despicable overkill by medicine.

  8. Must you be treated, seek surgery; should you be irradiated or given chemotherapy, insist on the minimal and be prepared for the cellular levy from head to foot that your body must pay.

  9. You owe a duty to your body and soul in the form of a dignified death. Do not deny yourself the dignity of dying.

  10. Cancer is  a species, class or ordinal character. You can neither inherit it, nor pass it on to your progeny.

I submit that patients with cancer spend more patient year living than dying. There is  really  much more that could have been said about the patient living with cancer, and dying is certainly not the sole province of the person afflicted with cancer. (Tashima, C.K.; Care of the cancer patient. New England Journal of Medicine, 295:1435, 1976).

So What is to Be Done if one has cancer?? Our experience says probably this is the most 'Frequently Asked Question' , which haunts the mind of a common  man and we have attempted to answer the question. Click here to see..........