Twin Therapies

We will begin this page with a case of lady having carcinoma of uterus.  The patient was personally known to Dr. Kothari and Dr. Mehta. The sixty one year old lady, prior to the diagnosis,or rather prior to the treatment enjoyed good health, appetite  and could move about freely on her own (apart from some vaginal bleeding).  The cancer therapist pointed out that surgery was out of question and recommended that she be given chemotherapy. The patient pleaded that the disease did not bother her and that she was not keen on having anything done to her. The family did  not relent and chemotherapy was started .  On the fifth day after chemotherapy, she felt very weak, lost her appetite and had to be hospitalized. The chemotherapy course was duly completed, but the patient never left her bed until her death three months after the treatment, having lost all her appetite, sleep, hair and her joie de vivre, which she had in full before her treatment. 

 Visit any five-star cancer hospital and there will be no dearth of patients with similar histories!!!.

Why does not  Chemotherapy do any good?

A cancer is for the owner, a part of his or her own flesh and blood. It cannot be attacked with impunity without damaging other normal tissues. All anticancer agents treat cancer cells in the same manner as they treat normal cells. “The inseparableness of cancer from normal tissues has rendered cancer radiotherapy obsolete and cancer chemotherapy an absolute farce.” (Source: Glemser, B: Man against cancer, Funk & Wagnalls, N.Y. 1969).

In the laboratory cancer chemotherapy produces 100% success because the so-called cancer is a transplanted mass of cells that never belong to the test animal. In the laboratory and by the bedside, chemotherapy is a 100% failure if the cancer is autochthonous i.e. the one that arose by itself in the individual. (Source: Garb, S: Cure for Cancer  A National Goal, Springer N.Y.1968)

 Exception to prove the rule

The solitary triumph of chemotherapy is against the rare gestational choriocarcinoma that occurs in women following pregnancy. But this so, because it is a cancer ‘transferred’ from the fetus to the mother, thus not being autochthonous, or springing from the mother’s own tissues. Naturally such a cancer cell allows a complete cure, for after the last cancer cell, there are no normal cells to be recruited into cancerhood.

The Futility and Utility of Cancer treatment

We often hear  the advent of newer versions of  chemotherapy which will wipe out cancer but reality is indeed different. "Over 75% of the oncologists polled said that if they had cancer, they would never use the same chemotherapy they prescribe for their patients, because of the ineffectiveness of the therapy and its unacceptable degree of toxicity" [LIFE,June2007 reproduced this statement from LOS ANGELES TIMES]".......Click to read more.

In the Quest for An Alternative

A report published in ‘The Independent’ (London)' which also featured in ‘The Times of India’ (30 July 1998), under the very encouraging title: Cancer vaccine may end chemotherapy. This title itself makes two things clear: